Welcome. We were married 2486 days ago!

The latest in (now pretty old) wedding-related news:

12/4: In a small 200+ person affair yesterday, the "I do"s were done.

12/4: It's perhaps a little late, but I've added a list of recommended places to visit in the LA area to the "Travel and Directions" page.

11/30: Added all sorts of info. Check the Calendar, Travel, Lodging, and FAQ pages to see all the new bits. Includes info on locations and parking.

11/18: Added info on the dress code or lack thereof to the FAQ (link in sidebar at left).

11/16: Added a couple of notes to the FAQ for parents bringing little kids.

11/15: The Contact Us page is now working, for the most part. Try it by clicking the link at left. All the links on the left of the page are now usable except for "stats".

10/30: I added additional information to the lodging section for those who need to be within walking distance of kosher food and an orthodox shul. Click the special "Frum?" link on that page and more info will appear.

Lodging note 10/23: Contrary to what you may have heard, there are in fact many rooms at the $99 rate available. The offsite reservation line apparently does not know this and isn't being clear about it. Reserve at the regular rate and tell them you're with the wedding party and the rate will be adjusted either at registration or at checkout. See the lodging section for more information.

The lodging section of the website contains a link to reserve from the wedding block at the lower rate. Doing it through the web bypasses any weirdness of their book-by-phone system.

We had a fantastic wedding shower in Minneapolis (thanks to all involved!).

A block of rooms have been reserved at a nice hotel in downtown Los Angeles for wedding guests to book. More details in the "Lodging" section of this site (see the buttons at left). We've also added some travel information to the "Travel and Directions" section.

Wedding planning continues.

Stay tuned...



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Friday, December 2
5:00 pm
Rehearsal at Natural History Museum
6:30 pm
Shabbat dinner for relatives and out of town guests at Empress Pavilion.
Saturday, December 3
(Shabbat ends 5:24pm)
2:45 pm
Bridal party members should be photo-ready
3:10 pm
"First Look" photo
6:30 pm
Tisch and Bedecken
6:50 pm
Bathroom Break
7:00 pm
Ketubah Signing
7:20 pm
7:50 pm
Cocktail Hour
8:50 pm
Reception Begins
9:45 pm
12:45 am
Last Dance
Sunday, December 4
6:30am - 10:30am
Informal brunch for relatives and out-of-town guests at Smeraldi's restaurant (in the Biltmore hotel).


There seem to be an awful lot of invitees with the title "Dr."

That's a placeholder. Stand by for actual stats...